Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last weekend just before it got sanded down. Heading into the booth the 15th to get painted. EXCITE

 New 1600cc injectors and pig tails
Caliper Rebuild kits for front and rear.
Rear camber adjust links. 
Went to Dayton to have a good friend build a roll cage who had done the amazing cage work in the Breaking Blue FD in 2010. 

Managed to get a flat tire at 2am on the way there and was lucky enough to have a nice fellow lend us a jack so we were able to get my spare wheel on.


  1. how many cars do you have? R33, FC, FD, Gloria, S14?

    1. rx3, fc, fd, rx8, r33. The Gloria is Derek Bianskis, Type R is Camden Foxs.